Supercharge Your 4WD With a HikeIt Throttle Controller

Do you ever press down your accelerator and notice your 4WD is a bit slow off the mark? The problem is modern drive-by-wire systems.

In older vehicles, a cable connected your pedal directly with your throttle engine. So when you pushed the pedal down there was an instantaneous response as the cable manually opened the throttle.

But in modern cars, the reliable throttle cable has been replaced by drive-by-wire systems.


The Problem With Drive-by-wire

With a drive-by-wire throttle, electronic sensors replace the cable, sensing how much pressure is on the pedal and opening or closing the throttle in response.

The problem is that modern vehicles are under competitive pressure to provide fuel economy ratings. As a result, throttle responsiveness is deliberately programmed to be sluggish and save you fuel.

While this works to save fuel, it also makes your 4WD feel as if it’s just drunk a 6-pack – with a dulled, slow response taking a lot of the joy out of off-roading.


Hikeit: the Solution to Sluggish Throttle

Luckily, there’s a simple plug-and-play throttle controller that will eliminate this pedal lag. The HIKEit X9 effectively reprograms your vehicle’s drive-by-wire system to get a faster response from your engine. On top of that, installing a HIKEit will boost your fuel efficiency by up to 20%!



4 Driving Modes Put You in Control

The HIKEit has four control modes to choose from, each with 9 levels you can adjust:

  • Eco/4x4
  • Cruise
  • Sport/Tow
  • HIKEit mode

There’s an automatic setting – Auto IQ – which intelligently selects the best mode and level in response to your driving style and specific driving situations. Or you can select a mode manually. Here’s how they work:

Eco/4x4 Mode

The economy mode actually allows you to reduce the response from the pedal more to save fuel. The dampened response can be helpful in some off-road situations, such as beach driving.

Sport/Tow Mode

The HIKEit’s sport/tow mode gives you lots of power and acceleration by boosting your throttle. This is great for towing loads or tearing it up on forest tracks.

Cruise Mode 

The cruise mode gives you a nice bit of grunt without going over the top. This is perfect for when you’re driving your 4WD around town and want a combination of good fuel economy and responsive throttle.

HIKEit Mode

HIKEit mode is for when you want to feel the full power of your machine. There are nine settings with different levels of intensity. The lower setting will give you intense throttle, while settings 7-9 will make you feel like your vehicle might take off from the highway like a plane.


More Great Features

Some other features that make HIKEit stand out from the competition are:

  • Lifetime replacement warranty
  • Dual 32-bit chipset for smooth and reliable performance
  • An anti-theft feature which allows you to lock your pedal until a code is entered
  • Light sensor to reduce the display brightness at night

Find Out More

Want to find out more about the HIKEit system? Get in touch with us today, online or via phone.

  • Oct 04, 2019
  • Category: 4WD Club
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Todd Triffitt November 27, 2019

So what models do they fit and will they fit Mazda brarvo 2004

Jamie November 30, 2019

Hey Todd, I’m pretty sure your vehicle has a throttle cable rather than a “fly by wire” accelerator setup.
Throttle controllers only work on fly by wire vehicles as it plugs into the loom on the back of the accelerator pedal👍

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