RUNVA 13XP Premium 12v winch with synthetic rope Full IP67 protection
Complete winch with Synthetic Rope, Control box with cables + bracket for ease of fitting (100% waterproof 600A...
The Carbon Winch is the newest brand on the Australian Market. Backed by KPD Industries, we have spent...
The Carbon Offroad 5M tree protector is a versatile bit of gear. Most of the cheaper brands on...
MAXTRAX Mounting Pin Set - MKII
Black Nylon and stainless steel quick-release pins for securely mounting your MAXTRAX on a roof rack or bars....
The Carbon Offroad Tyre Deflator kit is a quick and simple way to check pressure and deflate yout...
The MAXTRAX FUSE SHACKLE has been designed and tested as part of the MAXTRAX RECOVERY SYSTEM. The MAXTRAX...
MAXTRAX MK11 Safety Orange
The original trademark colour: Safety Orange™. This is the colour MAXTRAX is best known for, it's easy to...
MAXTRAX Xtreme Safety Orange pair
MAXTRAX XTREME - the world's best 4WD recovery tracks just got better! Multi-award-winning MAXTRAX XTREME is the most advanced 4WD...
Perfect for maintaining an inconspicuous profile, black MAXTRAX are nearly invisible when mounted to your vehicle’s roof rack....
MAXTRAX MK11 Gunmetal Grey
Our Gunmetal Grey MAXTRAX are a perfect match for your gunmetal 4WD. The SAFE, SIMPLE, QUICK and EASY...
Designed by KPD Industries for our harsh Aussie conditions  Fully sealed to resist water, dirt and dust ingress...
Carbon winches australia 4-3/4 ton bow shackle19mm body 21mm pin galvanized steel
RUNVA  11XP Premium 12v winch with synthetic rope Full IP67 protection Taking orders for shipment late September
Complete winch with Dyneema Rope, Control box with cables + bracket for ease of fitting (100% waterproof 600A...
The MAXTRAX CORE SHACKLE is designed to be at the CORE of two interacting MAXTRAX Products. The CORE...
Carbon Offroad Monkey Fist 14T Dyneema Soft Shackle
The carbon offroad monkey fist is an absolute winner! The 12mm dyneema is rated at 14 tonnes minimum...
Runva EWX9500-Q Synthetic Winch
The EWX9500 has a rated pull line of 9500lbs, this winch will get your 4wd, truck or camper...
MAXTRAX Rear Wheel Harness
MAXTRAX Rear Wheel Harness lets you safely and securely carry your MAXTRAX on your vehicle's rear-mounted spare tyre....
The Carbon Offroad Winch Extension Strap is an important winch accessory. You've probably come across plenty of times...
MAXTRAX Black Carry Bag
Our heavy-duty Black Cordura Nylon, Nylon mesh lined carry bag provides an attractive tote and storage for your...
The Carbon Offroad Winch Recovery Kit is the best way to start your recovery gear collection especially when...
Runva 2 in 1 Hawse black
Aluminium 2 in 1 Hawse Fairlead
MAXTRAX Fixing and Linking Kit
For linking MAXTRAX together to make a continuous track or pegging MAXTRAX to a slippery surface to provide...
MAXTRAX presents the INDEFLATE, a device that is used to inflate or deflate two tyres simeltaneously, and equalises...
Runva Synthetic Winch Rope 30m x 10mm (Blue)
Synthetic Winch Rope (Blue) 30M x 10MM
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$299.00 $254.00
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