Why choose Auswide4WD for your outdoor adventure gear? Because the products we select represent best bang for buck, unbeaten in quality and value, plus we offer the *LOWEST PRICES, guaranteed.

Auswide4wd is a family owned business, opening our doors in late 2018. This makes us the new kids on the block and, as outdoors enthusiasts with decades of camping and 4x4 experience, we’ve aligned ourselves with manufacturers that we have trusted for our adventures over many years. Many of our brands are uniquely Australian in design, manufacture and assembly or all of the above, offering excellence in quality, reliability and support, companies like Redarc, Maxtrax, Crashpad, Boos Bash Plates, GME, Stedi, MSA, Hikeit to name a few.

When you shop with us, whether it be on-line or in-store, your purchase is handled by a dedicated team of professionals. Our team, have decades of experience in customer care, and we’ll bend over backwards to give you the best gear at the lowest prices. Read our price guarantee for more Information