Clearview Easy Slide Clip-on Tray (Small Red)

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Built to fit the Clearview Easy Slide as well as MSA Drop Slides. Please reference the Compatibility Table below to find the right Tray for your needs.

The Clearview Tray is your easy way to instantly create a workable area. It’s easy clip on/clip off design makes it a breeze to set up extra platform space. And the included smart branded carry bag means you always have a way to keep your Clearview Tray safe in your vehicle. And ready whenever you need to use.

  1. Small Red Tray
  2. Compatible with ALL Clearview Easy Slide Models
  1. Large Red Tray
  2. Only compatible with Clearview Easy Slide ES-200 Model
  1. Small Blue Tray
  2. Only compatible with MSA Drop Slides ALL Models
  1. Large Blue Tray
  2. Only compatible with MSA Drop Slide Models DS40SIDE, DS50SIDE, DS60, DS60SIDE, DS95
  1. Stainless steel lined, injection moulded fold out legs
  2. Smart branded carry bag included
  3. Rated to 15Kg

Clearview Easy Slide Clip-on Tray (Small Red)