Juice Boss Air Compressor 160L/Min 13.8V

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The new Juice Boss Compressor delivers in every way- best in class performance backed by an insane 5 year replacement warranty.

With a durable oil-free direct drive motor, The Boss delivers a massive 160 litres per minute at 30 PSI and capable of pressures up to 150 PSI.

Finished in tough, high visibility Safety Yellow the compressor is built for the work site and out on the tracks.


The Boss compressor is designed to be both portable or can be installed in your vehicle or trailer


The Boss compressor kit includes:


- Integrated cleanable air filter to keep the compressor free from dirt, dust and other contaminants in our harsh Australian conditions

- Automatic integrated thermal cut off switch protects the motor against damage from overheating

- Durable insulated power cable with ultra-grip battery connectors

- 8-metre-long high temperature resistant quick release hose with integrated 150PSI gauge- enough to reach all your tyres including your trailers too

- Nozzle adaptor kit with 3 different attachments for pumping other inflatables

- Carry bag




Maximum air flow                                160 litres per minute

Operational voltage range                   13.8 volts

Maximum current draw                        45 Amps

Maximum pressure                              150PSI

Maximum operating temp                    60 degrees C

Minimum operating temp                     Minus 55 degrees C

Juice Boss Air Compressor 160L/Min 13.8V