Stedi 30 Watt LED Tractor Flood Light

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Our 30 Watt High Output Flood Light is the perfect workmate for conditions that require maximum light output. Supplied with both Universal U Bracket & Adjustable Side Bracket making it a versatile work light for any heavy machinery.


The 30w Tractor LED Flood light is fitted with both a U-Bracket and rear adjustable arm to fit all types of tractors including factory mounting locations whilst still maintaining full adjustability of positioning and angle. 


A dramatic increase over the factory halogen lighting up a wider area and an increased beam intensity allowing more visibility around your vehicle.


These have a list of known compatibility with factory fittings but are also able to be installed at various locations around your vehicle. Not limited by tractor application as these are a useful companion to any work environment.


Stedi 30 Watt LED Tractor Flood Light