Stedi ST-X 21.5 inch LED Light Bar

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If you’re looking for a driving light that offers near-field spread, keep moving, this is not that. The optical properties of the hooded reflector design is best described as high-beam on steroids. The ST-X excels in the high-speed, high-way application when mid to long-range visibility is critical.


  • Significantly minimises adverse reflection from road signs
  • Controlled vertical spread minimises reflections off of high-mounted road signs.


  • 8x 15W LEDs
  • LED Parking / Position Light Function (Amber or White built-in)
  • Breather allows pressure equalisation when rapid heat up and cool down cycles occur
  • Anodized Polyester Powder Coat
  • Weatherproof Deutsch® DTP Connector
  • Includes adjustable Side brackets & Sliding bottom brackets
  • Includes our Easy-Fit Plug & Play High Beam Wiring Harness with HB3 & H4 adapter (Compatible with both negative and positive switched vehicles)
  • Protected against reverse polarity
  • Shockproof, IP68 waterproof, UV Shielded
  • Protected Against RFI / EMC Interference
  • Voltage & current surge protection
  • Pulse Width Modulation Thermal Management

Stedi ST-X 21.5 inch LED Light Bar

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