Yakima LNL Bar 1375mm

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Yakima LNL Cross Bar 1375mm 800508 x1

Rubber Load Protector Strip

  • Controls wind flow over the crossbar to reduce drag and limit noise
  • Helps prevent your load from shifting
  • Provides maximum protection between the bar and load/accessory

Open T-Slot Channel

  • The open T-Slot channel provides quick and easy installation of accessories. No rubber infill cutting required.
  • Channel dimensions integrate perfectly with all popular trade, 4x4 and touring accessories

End Cap

  • Each end cap has an integrated tie-down point rated to 100kg. Perfect for securing your gear.
  • Flush end caps for obstruction-free loading and unloading
  • Integrated bottle opener to quench your thirst

Leg Locator

  • Measuring strip for easy and accurate leg location when installing
  • Reversible rubber infill for a clean look and controlled airflow
  • Extra long underside channel for maximum fitment versatility

Yakima LNL Bar 1375mm

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